A better career

A better transition

You want a secure, flexible path that allows you to transition towards retirement on your timeline while continuing to build your legacy.

A better transition

A better career

You want a career in dentistry that delivers a high quality, collaborative environment, the ability to build a long-term patient base, and the flexibility to live your life on your terms.

A new kind of dental group

We’re reimagining private practice dentistry for the next generation

About us

Our Beliefs

  • Long-term relationships are always superior

    We strongly believe a practice model that supports building long-term patient relationships best serves the patient as well as the dentist and staff.

  • Freedom of choice

    Dentists should have a career option that allows them to enjoy the flexibility and clinical focus of an employment-based option without sacrificing the private practice environment.

  • Secure retirement without limitations

    Practitioners nearing retirement should have the financial flexibility to start planning for their future while continuing to practice on a schedule that fits their needs.

A better career


Security. Flexibility. Freedom.
Whether you are plotting a course to retirement or just ready to live the life you deserve, Apex can help you realize the personal, professional and financial flexibility you've always imagined.

A better transition


Choose Quality and Flexibility.
Apex affiliated practices are like nothing else out there. Build long-term patient relationships while practicing in a fun, collaborative group practice environment.

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