About us

Back to the basics of patient care

Apex was founded on the belief that non-branded, private practice dentistry can not only survive into the next century, but, given the right mix of ingenuity, capital, and partnership, it can thrive. Meet our leadership team below, learn about what we believe and how we do business, then head over to our Affiliation or Careers areas to learn about working with Apex.

The team

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Apex was born as a solution to two problems: a lack of choice that young dentists faced in today’s dental world and experienced doctors feeling trapped by the decision to either continue working full time or sell their practice and retire.

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We take a partnership approach to business. We believe strongly that business, properly practiced, can be more than just the sustaining engine of life - it can, and indeed should be, a vehicle through which we serve others, and thus a core part of the purpose of our life.

We value

  • People first

    Our first goal is not profit - it is to assist in creating engaged, happy, successful people. Our core competency is our ability inspire people to see their true potential and enable them to reach it.

  • Integrity

    We conduct all business with the highest standard of integrity, honesty, and professionalism. We strive to be the shining example which we want our children to aspire to.

  • Teamwork

    We strive to build a collaborative culture based on trust, open communication, and the sharing of ideas, leadership, and rewards.

  • Focus & commitment

    We recognize that time and energy are our two most precious resources. Thus, we strive for focus in everything we do, eliminating the unnecessary and pushing for simplicity.