Large Practice Transition Seminar - Austin

A practice transition is one of the most important decisions you will face as a practice owner, and for large practice owners, the magnitude of that decision is even greater. As the dental industry undergoes rapid change, practice owners collecting over $1 million dollars are finding it increasingly difficult to identify quality practice transition options.

Apex Dental Partners understands what it takes to build a successful practice and has designed a practice transition model tailored to the needs of large practice owners. Learn how affiliating your practice with Apex can provide flexibility, while also staying true to the fundamental values of private practice and a patient-centric approach to dentistry.


  • The Changing Industry Landscape
  • Challenges Facing Large Practice Owners
  • Apex vs Traditional Transition Paths
  • How Apex Preserves the Values of Private Practice
  • How Apex is Different
  • Benefits of a Practice Affiliation

Cocktails: 6:30PM | Dinner: 7:00PM

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