About us

How it all began

David & Dr. Layla Lohmann

An unmet need

Apex Dental Partners, like many great companies, started from a personal need. After graduating dental school, Dr. Lohmann found herself faced with a choice: holdout for a private practice associateship (even though she hadn't found a strong mentor who had an immediate opportunity) or go to work in a branded practice like many of her classmates. A branded practice was certainly not what she had envisioned for her career, but after talking to many others, she decided a particular chain would be a good place to begin her career in dentistry.

A funny thing happened – Dr. Lohmann discovered that she liked having the support of a team to handle the business side of the practice. She loved being able to come into the practice and spend her time doing what she was most passionate about – practicing dentistry. She also enjoyed working alongside other doctors in a collaborative environment. However, she still knew that a branded practice was simply not where she wanted to be long-term.

Dr. Lohmann was again faced with a choice: continue working in a branded chain, where she enjoyed the clinical focus and collaborative environment but lacked the patient loyalty she desired, or go into private practice, where she could build long-term patient relationships but would be faced with spending her valuable time running the business operations of the practice, not to mention financing a purchase or start-up.

An idea is born

Dr. Lohmann and her husband, David, discussed the lack of choice she and other young dentists faced in today’s dental world. They also began hearing from numerous experienced doctors who felt trapped by the decision to either continue working fulltime or sell their practice and retire – often before they were ready.Together, they began building the vision for an organization that bridges this generational gap in private practice dentistry. A model that enables relationship-oriented doctors to practice in a non-branded, private group practice format with the non-clinical, administrative support necessary to effectively compete with the growing presence of branded competition. With the core vision for Apex developed, it wasn't long before they assembled a team and launched an organization to deliver on the vision they had for the future.

A better alternative

Today, Apex stands as the premier alternative for dentists at all points in their career who value both clinical focus and long-term patient relationships and reject the false choice between branded dentistry and doing it all themselves in solo practice.

Through a thoughtful approach to transitions, Apex provides the leading alternative for dentists nearing retirement who desire to secure their financial future but maintain their ability to continue practicing as much, and for as long, as they desire.